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Corporate Outings

Danvers Indoor Sports has a beautiful facility to host corporate outings.  Companies can utilize our playing fields and second floor mezzanine for food and beverage.The facility can be used for playing sports and games, teambuilding activities, seminars, conferences, and more!  Please contact us at and we’ll plan your next corporate outing.

I would like to personally reach out to you to thank you for helping to facilitate such a fun and exciting Staff Day for our employees. We have had many compliments from staff on what a wonderful time they had. It was very gratifying to see the number of employees that were engaged and genuinely enjoying themselves.“- Centerboard CEO

Project Adventure is a proud partner of Danvers Indoor Sports

Project Adventure has facilitated thousands of transformative training programs for professionals in the worlds of education, business, and human services who want to cultivate the skills, behaviors, and relationships necessary to actualize their mission. We uniquely blend theory and activity through customized adventure experiences and focused processing, so key learning transfers to success in your workplace. Your greatest asset is a cohesive staff driven to achieve a common vision.
With 45 years of developing professionals, we’re your greatest investment. For more information, please visit